【Safety First】How to wash dirty blocks ~ Easy to clean

Published: APRIL 4, 2017
Last updated: April 8, 2017

【Safety First】How to wash dirty blocks ~ Easy to clean


Children have taken out not only this Petapeta block but also the Lego and the diablock to the outside, so if generating a trouble that dust is accumulated, those somehow will be sticky or dirty.
On the other hand, it is very hard to carefully wipe and wash blocks one by one. Here are two ways to clean thoroughly and cleanly.

① Washing by washing machine

〇 Things to prepare
Laundry net, detergent (neutral detergent) or sodium bicarbonate

〇 Before washing
First of all, we lay a towel etc at the bottom of the laundry net.

Split all the parts that are stick to each indivisual part, and then put blocks from there. Depending on the amount of blocks, please increase the net and divide it into several. After putting on it, cover it further with a towel etc and prepare for the next.

Unlike other blocks, there is no stickers and no painting, so it’s easy to wash.

〇 Throw into washing machine
First of all, you put a block on the net after laying a big towel etc. at the bottom of the washing machine.

You put preparing other towels from the top.

○ About detergent
It is better to put the detergent when block is sticky. Clothing detergent is OK. But, if possible, sodium bicarbonate falls more securely and safely.


〇 Washing and drying
Weak course of washing machine is enough. After rinse, it will dry to finish. When in large amounts at once, it is easier to dry like a photo.

On the other hand, if it is small amount, spreading it on newspapers or flyers etc. in a flat place is easier to dry by placing blocks and drying.




② Easier if small amount! Washing with sodium bicarbonate


If the quantity of parts is small (about 20 to 30 pieces), you need only the boiling water with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and wash basin. put the blocks in it for about 10 minutes – 20 minutes and sometimes stir it, then after that, rinse thoroughly to complete it.



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 Published: APRIL 3, 2017
Last updated: April 8, 2017

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