Dad and child’s world

Dad and child’s world

Doing by father and to doing by child – modest happiness interwoven world , it connects my wish of this site .

Education has become difficult to see

Current Education environment of the children is very complicated in Japan. I feel that it has become difficult to see.

It does not have a well-environment surrounding the children because of a new social problem, such as an increase in poverty, truancy children, cyberbullying and Internet damage of children now. It has become difficult to appear in current society.

It is sure that children has never changed, so that I think that adult has changed society to make them difficult to see.

Japanese try to solve ,somehow, the current state of the problem. There seems to be a lot of answer that we can find. But, it also brings all the issue more complicated.

And for the father, there is also a word “Ikumen” which means man who the child care. But in fact, it brings father some stress and finally this word walks alone.


More simply

I believe its answer is more simple.
A book my mother read when to care for me, which has some lines drawn by my mother, has been tatters now. Perhaps I think she have read for me who was the eldest son. And, the book is not even out of print, has been still sold, many of the customer reviews at Amazon of this book, though some comment are “old”, are “the child doesn’t change so even now useful” that has been filled with the words of the parent.

A man to care the child is not “Ikumen” , but is “father”.
I think that it is the words that make me think that simple is best.


More natural posture

This site is not the site of the so-called Ikumen. The number of hits to the site, if doing so , will probably increase on the internet. but it is not our goal.

“Doing” by the father, for example, is something in hobby ,DIY etc…
“Doing” by children is the play, simply.
Both can be made the power to live by doing “on your own”, that be going to a better society.


The natural stance is simply to “do on their own”, then ultimately is to be given a “zest for living”.