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Customer Service Policy~Happy Purchasing!

This site is the EC site that White Map established. Please click here for more information about White Map.

Customer Service Outline

Our policy is that this site becomes easier to use for a customer as a convenient site, also a customer can experience more comfortable online shopping. Our sales guideline is as below.
●Not only well-stocked , we will provide proper information , also will make our service enhanced.
●In each page of the products , it clearly and definitely will explain the details of the products.
●Being easy to use, we always work on improvement of a site with the aim at fun online shopping site.
●With our rich knowledge,we will sincerely answer to your question.

For being able to purchase our products with a peace of mind

This site is  a “do something by myself” site. Therefore, to ensure you are able to take a pleasant shopping experience as much as possible,except any obstacle.

1,Real-time chat, such as LINE
It can be real-time contact from the chat bar on the left. ID registration is in unnecessary. So, it is  working as like LINE. There is also a case of absence, but if you leave the E-mail address and the message, within 24 hours we will reply.
Click here for details on how to use, such as how to use.

2,Page for more risk information disclosure
Disadvantage of the Internet sales, is a sense of security. In particular, we are always posted the details as get peace of mind to each product with respect to safety.

3,Free color sample
On the internet, as to correspond to the fact that can not be expressed, some products aren’t known and can’t be tried to actually look at, such as color. So, we will send a color sample at no charge. Please click here for more information.

4,Quickly Delivery
To be able to deliver the products to customers quickly, even if it will be a small purchase, To Japan, products will be dispatched within 1~2 working days after the Payment was made.
About “to abroad”, please confirm us its delivery time.

5, Purchasing more than 5,000JPY (included tax) is  free shipping
In the case of more than 5,000JPY (included tax) you purchased, all of the products is free shipping.
※ However, there will be a 1,500JPY surcharge for deliveries to Okinawa, Hokkaido and remote islands due to its air shipping cost. About “to abroad”, please confirm us its delivery cost.


Our Service Advantage

1,120 days  return Policy (available only in Japan)
In domestic delivery, if shipping date is less than 120 days from this site, it is available for free return of freight . Although there are conditions such as unused goods, unopened goods, image difference( it not has been used after all), even in the case of returns by the circumstances of the customer,  we are accepting a return with no return charges and no return fees.

However, since only if they meet the conditions set forth in the “120-day free shipping returned goods”, please visit here for details.

In international delivery, all the warranty and return policy are on the basis of the contract.
If delivered item(s) was different from your order, or broken or stained, we will accept your return or replacement and a full refund.
Some items are not allowed to be returned or replaced. Please follow and the instruction below.

2,free rental of a tool
Purchasing tools will become a first expense. Since the cost benefits of the product itself waste for buying only a tool, it is being considered a free rental on this site according to the customers demands. For more information it is currently in preparation. Please wait.

3,Many  videos
Now, it is the era that we can see what we want to know and study what we learn by watching the videos.Not only the products and information that we don’t know will show in this site, 

we will also show the useful video after purchase such as a failure movie, we think it is also our role.

4,Product Liability Law
We take out OWN Product Liability Law insurance for selling products in Japan just in case. Actually seller shall not be liable for any cost, expense, loss, damage or liability arising out of or in relation to any claim. In international delivery, all the PL policy are on the basis of the contract.

Return policy

International Return Policy Outline

All the warranty and return policy are on the basis of the contract.

If delivered item(s) was different from your order, or broken or stained, we will accept your return or replacement or a full refund, when item(s) insured.

Some items are not allowed to be returned or replaced. Please follow and the instruction below.

About return

Return policy

Replacement policy

Returned goods procedure

About repair

Other Cautions

About return

About return

We will accept your return or replacement and a full refund, when meeting the below condition.
So, when you receive the products, please check your state of the products as soon as possible.

Return policy

Due to our responsibility of the product, if delivered item(s) was different from your order, or broken or stained, we will accept your return or replacement or a full refund when item(s) insured.
However, we will not be able to accept any exchanges or returns because of the customers’ personal preferences, image difference and return of the goods received as a gift.

* Please let us know within 15 days when you have receive the products.
* It controls under the return statement on our contract , that must be mentioned.
* The goods that we can not find its broken or stained and our miss-arrangement and the items that the manufacturer is not recognized as it is initial failure or defective will be not accepted.
* If package is opened, it is not allowed to be returned or replaced.
* Its box, products tags, all the document such as warranty paper& manual and content such as a inner paper must be included.
* You can return or request replacement if you agree to pay the postage and service fees from abroad.* It must be purchased from our site and shipped by us.
* Please follow our procedures for return.

When passing 15 days after arrival of goods, we can not accept the returned items principally. So we will not refund or exchange them beyond the return period , even if it is dispatched to us.

Even when not passing 15 days after arrival of goods, the case which doesn’t meet the condition above-mentioned and the following can’t receive return not accept refund or exchange as a principle. Even if you return goods, it isn’t possible to send the alternative back, so please accept it beforehand.

*After receiving the goods, the goods broken or stained under your responsibility will be not accepted.
* In case of the items that  the manufacturer is not recognized as it is initial failure or defective.
* In case that its package is opened
* In case that there are no box, no products tags, no document such as warranty paper& manual and no content such as a inner paper.
* The re-packing which makes the goods damaged intentionally is not allowed.
* Please refer to a returned goods procedure, which are a procedure about the returned goods.

The time that A Procedure of the returned goods is completed and approved may take 7-14 business days before repayment is carried out, so please accept it.


Replacement policy

Due to the case of imported goods or limited goods, exchange goods can’t sometimes be arranged. Please accept it beforehand.

If you wish to exchange with the goods of different size and color , at first, please return the goods in accordance with returned goods procedure, then secondly, please re-order your exact goods after your return is done.

Please note that  the redistribution of the product, handling of return of goods may take seven to fourteen working day.

So, we recommend that you order a new one as soon as possible.


Return Procedure

Returned goods procedure

Please see the following procedures.

1, Please contact our customer service who are in charge.

2, Please describe the reason for the return at the remarks column of the invoice and receipt.

* If you want to keep the invoice please use copy.
* In the case of plural returned items, please describe a reason in each
* Please mention anything but a return reason on the invoice and receipt. When other issue is necessary, please make a contact to our customer service.


3, Please pack it and bundle the statement of delivery and the receipt with a same condition as time when I received a product.

4, Please send it back by a method of your choice that you informed our customer service.

Please click here if you have lost your invoice and receipt.  We will re-issue.  After having received it, please mention a return reason and enclose like the above.


Caution point at the time of return procedure

* In the case of payment except for credit card , it will be refunded in PAYPAL. * When returning the goods, please return it in the state from which goods have been received ( please refer to our return policy)

* Since the goods are returned to the customer center after the return procedure , we will start the refund process . Please check here for return procedure.

* We can only accept the goods purchased from our site and shipped by us. 

* Please a return remains a condition of the packing when delivering goods as much as possible. Without sticking a label for sending on a box of goods and a bag directly, please stick on a cardboard box for packing.

*When you plan to return the unopened goods such as manufacturer ready-made packaging , please don’t open a box. Please use the plastic bag which contains the invoice when delivered into the invoice , Please return as it is.

*Please see here for refund.

About repair

Repair of goods by us are not accepted. We introduces the manufacturers and repairers , sorry to trouble you, but , please contact us directly.


Other cautions

We’ll close your account or our transaction in the case when our site judged that there was a fear or a trouble is exerted on business of our site remarkably, for instance,  returning goods in quantities.

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