【NOTE】Make your only one ! Make children’s picture on it Easily! 【How to enjoy beeswax Crayon①】

【NOTE】Make your only one ! Make children’s picture on it Easily!【How to enjoy beeswax Crayon①】



Beeswax Crayon has some other ways of enjoying it. This is an example.


(Example) Preparation 

There are many ways of fun that many other type of crayons don’t have. One of them is to draw and paint color on something made of cloth. An example of it is making original  bag.

Materials and Tools

Drawing cloth products, beeswax crayons, irons, copy paper



〇 Frequently Asked Questions
I am trying to see what happens when I do the laundry.

Let’s try!

I will write a picture on the cloth bag I bought at 100JPY shop.
Frankly it is good for children to write it for Mother ‘s Day or Mother’ s Birthday, but this time ,adults will be writing for comparison, I will try a comparative washing example with or without ironing.

■ Drawing method – How to draw and fix on cloth with crayon

(1) Draw with my favorite picture on cray crayon


(2) Put paper such as copy paper on the picture drawn on cloth,

Place an iron set at high temperature. Crayons melt with heat, soaked in the fabric fibers and fixed

(3) Finished!!


(4) After washing it ,,,,,
For comparison, I ironed only half and  doing nothing on the lower half. Approximately 5 times washed by landary machine, the upper part is still clear, but the lower part shows a little.


After I do it about ten times, upper part  color is weaken and  lower parts is almost faded.



* Videos and photos written by children (currently under preparation)


★ Notes ★

◯ Please note that the thing drawn on cloth is weak against heat and can not be dried with a dryer.

〇 Please pay attention to your children when ironing.

○ When children are to be , be sure to do with parents.



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Published: MAR 30, 2017
Last updated: April 8, 2017


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