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Any parents, considering their child, would wish, “I want a child to have rich imagination”.This is a products where it come true. Its target age is from three years old to seven years old. 

Feature – why creativity is rich?

IMG_2213_1① Can joint them from four sides.

The biggest feature of this block is that, without choosing a direction, Any child is able to connect this colorful block on any side with original plug and it is easier to plug in and out. And the force is not needed when it attached. Since the mechanism is so simple.




② creativity infinity

The concept of this product is the creativity infinite in a simple word.Other blocks are provided the goal, for example, “Let’s make a monster!”

On the other hands, there is no goal. By going to a combination of more and more from the above-mentioned, child’s own imagination  become  in shape.


IMG_2045 - コピー


Considering the safety of the child who often carry something to the mouth, all the blocks are more than 3 cm. There is also no sharp edges and all are made of soft Polyethylene, which enable a child to play freely without injuries. 
* EN certification has passed.





④Made in Japan
Poured evenly resin in narrow place, it is a high quality products in the manufacturing of the product that can not be imitated. 




Check the Price (Petapeta Block)


products information

flyerAll the block's picturesProducts description

Under Preparation

Target Age: 3~7 years old
Made in Japan
Material : PE
Weight : 2.0kg,  4.0kg

*Please click here to see each package details 



B to B oversea trade

We require the long-term business with having customer service division to care the consumer. 
Petapeta block is a block can play freely with petal paste. 

– Port of Loading: Nagoya,Yokohama 
– Type : 8 types 
Martial: PE 
*Production/Delivery Capability: 20 – 30 MT per month 
*Sales Results: Europe, Oceania and big chain store in Japan 


Check the Price (Petapeta Block)



We have more information page as a follow-up”NOTE”

All related page concerning Petapeta Block.
Watch it on video!
The difference with others!
Have a fun!
About safety!
All your doubts and question are found in the below.
*Some are only available in Japanese.


Published: JUNE 23, 2016
Last updated: April 10, 2017

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