Owner’s Profile and Message

Owner’s profile and message

Published: JULY 25, 2015
Last updated: April 8, 2016


Owner’s Profile


IMG-0049 - コピー


Mitsuo Akita

Born in 1971 in Hikari-city, Grown up in Osaka-city


Football & Reading books
Bicycling:Traveling by bike and pedaling over 40 countries
Photo  : All the pictures in this site is original


I had worked at chemical trading company runs by Sumitomo Cooperation after graduation from the Kwansai Gakuin University in 1995, I had been in charge of plastics resin, architecture products, film/sheet and international trade. After that, via worked at bicycling computer manufacture as an international business person, I started to work self-employed business in May,2010
In Feb,2013 at Nagoya-city, I started this WhiteMap business as an international trade and Internet sales.


Before White Map

From student days up to now ,I am also always involved in children as a volunteer and business.
Based upon my above background, I had a lots experience.
So that I thought that children was grown by simple ” action”. Its experience is my core that taught me a lots and let various thought by children.

I had worked after graduation from the university, being of chemical trading company. I felt everyday that society will become shrink where there would be only the person who want to “get ”
In the real world, I met a lot of people and company that try to produce something new everyday.
So, I believe that existence of such a ” do ” people and “do”companies makes our human society developed.

About White Map

Name this “WhiteMap” means the blank map the same as there is no border , no countries in the world. In the other meaning, let’s freely try to draw their own color anywhere in the world.

It also comes from” Think globally, Act locally ” . It has many meaning and many translations , but I think it means that let’s “think” of things in the world scale , “work” in familiar and local territory.

Because I have visited many countries, I think international person is not the person who can speak English well but rather is the person who can have a point of view of this sentence .
So,in this site, I focus on both made in Aichi & Gifu and export them to the world.

Moreover,”Think globally “ will bring me to have a wide perspective, also “act locally” will bring me way of life to keep my feet on the ground.


My goal is White Map goal

The goal of this site is ,simply saying, to convey the importance of the “Doing on my own”. 

From the view of my various experiences that the above-mentioned, I think that I’ve always felt the joy and splendor of that to yourself.

A lot of people is originally possessed happiness of “do on my own” as a human beings , it is my wish to get to feel its joy.

Published: JULY 25, 2015
Last updated: April 8, 2016


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