Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

” Do on my own” society more than “give up & passive” society

Consumption of products is to exchange for money, then, is to bring us to enjoy the convenience and comfort. I think modern people rely too much only on it.

For example, there are cheap and useful stuff a lot when we go to the 100JPY shop .
However,, it is the cost of money, which means products are also services that others have made. Service is to get paid money instead of doing it yourself.

After people didn’t do so by themselves, they will not learn on their own.
They will become the person who can not do on their own.
And then, people who didn’t do , in essence, or who often give up, more further to solve with money, otherwise, will be the people who take away from the others by attack. Eventually it will become a person who does not have power to live at all.

Opposite world… please imagine.
People who do it themselves have self-learning ability.
And the person who can do on their own has  one more thing that he have done step by step, they will be those who produce somehow,and they will be the person who is, in essence,not to give up, more further attempts to resolve by thinking . Eventually, he become a man of power to live.

Which is a good society is obvious.


The future of Japan

Japan will continue to decrease in population, we think to be a “Do it myself” is more important. When compare with its current state to Japan,  the professional craftsman will reduce. Services will continue to increase to become a mechanized. On the other hand,the things that can do only by human requires the world where only manpower is dependable. What is needed in such a society is to increase the person who can do “on your own” or who “do by myself”


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